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property first GROUP LP an insurance agency BENEFITS EXCLUSIONS and CONDITIONS What is Covered Your personal property stored within your enclosed unit and locked vehicle s stored outdoors behind a locked fence at the leased premises against the following 1 The following are Covered Causes of Loss Covered Causes of Loss means direct physical loss or damage to property covered A Fire lightning windstorm hail tornado hurricane explosion sonic boom smoke aircraft self propelled missiles spacecraft vehicles riot strike civil commotion vandalism and malicious mischief sinkhole collapse volcanic eruption earthquake certified act of terrorism and limited coverage for mildew fungus bacteria wet rot dry rot B Falling objects provided the building is first damaged by such falling objects weight of ice snow or sleet collapse of buildings or any part thereof C Water Damage The term Water Damage means accidental discharge or leakage of water or steam as the direct result of the breaking or cracking of any part of a system or appliance containing water or steam D Rodent Damage 2 The following are additional coverages These Additional Coverages do not increase The Applicable Limit of Coverage A BURGLARY The term Burglary means the act of stealing insured property by forcible entry into the securely locked leased premises provided there are visible marks of such forcible entry upon the exterior of the leased premises The mere absence of a lock or padlock does not constitute visible marks of forcible entry You or the facility owner must immediately report loss under this coverage to the appropriate law enforcement authority Theft or unexplained disappearance is not covered unless caused by Burglary B DEBRIS REMOVAL The most that will be paid under this additional coverage is 25 of the amount the insurance company pays for the direct physical loss or damage to Covered Property including the deductible if applicable to cover the necessary expense incurred in the removal of debris of the property following a Covered Cause of Loss C TRANSIT Direct physical loss or damage to Covered Property while your Covered Property is in transit to or from the storage space leased by you and within 100 miles of this scheduled premises leased by you which is caused by or resulting from the following fire collision upset or overturn of a motor vehicle or trailer upon which it is being transported D EXTRA RENTAL EXPENSE The most that will be paid under this additional coverage is 25 of the Limit of Insurance to cover the extra expense you may incur for rental of substitute premises when occupancy of the original premises is prevented as a result of damage to such premises by a Covered Cause of Loss H FLOOD DAMAGE The most that will be paid under this additional coverage for direct physical loss or damage to Covered Property is the lesser amount of 50 of the Limit of Coverage for any one storage unit or space or 2 000 The term Flood Damage means physical damage or loss caused directly by flood surface What is Covered con t water waves tides tidal waves tidal surge tsunami overflow of any natural or man made non intermittent body of water or storm drain system or their spray wheather driven by wind or not including but not limited to escape overflow or discharge for any reason of water from a dam levee seawall or any other boundary of water containment or diversion system Flood damage does not include causes of loss or damage to property stated in Section H under What is Not Covered What Is Not Covered 1 The policy will not pay for loss or damage to any of the following accounts bills currency documents records deeds evidences of debt securities money notes stamps animals birds fish jewelry watches photographic equipment firearms precious or semipre cious stones furs fur garments or garments trimmed with fur bullion gold silver silver or gold plated ware goldware silverware platinum or other precious metals or alloys contraband or property in the course of illegal transportation or trade 2 The policy will not pay for direct physical loss or damage to covered property caused by or resulting from any of the following A Delay loss of use loss of market or any other consequential loss B Dishonest or criminal act committed by you or by anyone else to whom the property is entrusted for any purpose This exclusion applies whether or not such persons are acting alone or in collusion with other persons C Voluntary parting with any property by you or anyone entrusted with the property if induced to do so by any fraudulent scheme trick device or false pretense D Unauthorized instructions to transfer property to any person or to any place E Neglect by you to use all reasonable means to save and preserve property from further damage at and after the time of loss F Acts or decisions including the failure to act or decide of any person group organization or governmental body G Wear and tear any quality in the property that causes it to damage or destroy itself gradual deterioration insects vermin birds H Flood damage caused as a direct or indirect result of sewer back up which includes water that backs up or overflows from a sewer drain unclosed pipe opening or sump wheather or not such water back up is the result of an operation failure of a sump pump or sump pump system But we will cover direct loss or damage caused by storm water drain back up or overflow as a result of a widespread flood event resulting in widespread damage or affects a substantial area I Loss or damage caused by mechanical breakdown artificially generated electrical current including electric arching that disturbs electrical devices appliances or wires cigarettes or other smoking materials unless fire ensues discharge dispersal seepage migration release or escape of Pollutants unless the discharge dispersal seepage migration release or escape is itself caused by any of the covered causes of loss Pollutants mean any solid liquid gaseous or thermal irritant or contaminant including smoke vapor soot fumes acids alkalis chemicals and waste J Theft or unexplained disappearance K Atmospheric conditions or changes in temperature breakage of glass or similar fragile articles or decay Insurance is provided by Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association Insurance Company www pmacompanies com AG_B_ZZ_MNRFN_D000_000000_E_XXX_04 23 Your Storage Insurance Tips to help you have a good rental experience 888 545 7627 www BADERco com

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888 545 7627 www BADERco com Check your policy Your current renter s homeowner s vehicle automobile watercraft personal liability business or other insurance policy may provide coverage for your stored property Consult your insurance agent to determine if your property is covered while in storage and review your policy exclusions deductible amount and coverage limits While you may already be covered through other policies the Bader Insurance Program may provide more specialized coverage BADER program features Coverage for your personal property stored in your leased unit and vehicle s stored in the open at the leased premises will be provided under the storage facility s policy Purchase of this Insurance is NOT REQUIRED to rent storage space Are your valuables protected Protect your valuables from loss or damage with the specially designed BADER Insurance Program We are committed to providing you access to an easy contents insurance solution with great coverage and affordable prices for your valuables This brochure contains only a general description of the coverages and does not constitute a contract A Certificate of Property Insurance and an Enrollment Disclosure Summary of Coverage will be provided after your election of coverage The employees of the storage facility are not AUTHORIZED to evaluate the adequacy of your existing personal insurance coverage Some of what the program covers How to file a claim the easy way STEP 1 Ensure your valuables are safe If your valuables are at risk of sustaining further damage take necessary precautions to protect them without putting yourself or others in harm s way Also tell the facility manager about your loss STEP 2 Take pictures of your storage space and any damage your items may have sustained Don t throw away any damaged property until you speak with a claims adjuster STEP 3 If a criminal act appears to have taken place such as vandalism or burglary contact local police department to file a police report STEP 4 Call a customer service representative Toll Free 855 805 7433 or visit BADERco com BaderWEB to file a claim Relax and rest assured that the claims process will be easy Claim payments are based on actual cash value of the property The value of the property will be determined at the time of loss or damage and will be the lesser of the following amounts 1 The actual cash value of the property 2 The cost of reasonably restoring the property to its condition immediately before loss or damage or 3 The cost of replacing the property with substantially identical property In the event of loss or damage the value of property will be determined as of the time of loss or damage If you have any questions about this coverage feel free to contact us PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR Property First Group LP PO Box 22130 York PA 17402 Toll Free 888 545 7627 Additional coverage options available in some states Additional Terms Conditions This is only a partial list of coverages Please consult pages 4 and 5 of this brochure the Certificate of Property Insurance and Enrollment Disclosure Summary of Coverage for additional coverages exclusions and details Storage tips to help protect against loss lock your space Use a disk or cylinder lock for a higher level of security protect your items Store your items on pallets or shelves and cover them with sheets to protect them from dust moisture etc do not store certain items Refrain from storing high dollar items such as jewelry or currency and do not store flammable or hazardous materials make an inventory Take an inventory or photos of your stored items and keep it in a safe separate place The policy does not cover certain items such as important papers money jewelry watches and furs There are also certain perils not covered which include but not limited to unexplained disappearance Please refer to the Certificate of Property Insurance Enrollment Disclosure Summary of Coverage for a complete list of exclusions info BADERco com PA License 588404 l www BADERco com This storage facility is not responsible for insuring your property We recommend that you contact your insurance agent to determine if you have coverage under existing insurance policies you may own for your property stored at this location or by presenting evidence of other applicable insurance coverage If this facility requires insurance as a condition of a self service storage rental agreement the requirement may be satisfied by the purchase of this coverage or by presenting evidence of other applicable insurance coverage This facility and employees are not and may not claim to be a licensed insurance producer or insurance agent and are not qualified or authorized to evaluate the adequacy of any insurance you may have You may cancel this insurance at any time and any unearned premium will be refunded in accordance with applicable law Insurance provided by PMA Companies Coverage is subject to actual policy language

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